Do you believe that God protects us? I do!

This picture is of the debris from the tree on the right left by hurricane Tomas in Barbados last year. I prayed for protection from the storm. On Saturday I went outside and took this picture. How do you take a round tree with circulating winds and create a stack of wood that is inside a square box? Only the hand of God could do this!

My neighbor’s wife actually thought her husband had been outside stacking the wood, but he had just come out the door too! It was amazing to see that no other debris from this huge tree was anywhere in the yard. I saw the last 5in diameter branch snap off and fall into the hedges behind the tree, but this stack was amazing, everything was inside the box! Especially when you compare it to the rest of the yard which was a total mess! (see picture below)

Oh, by the way when I returned to the states, I realized that I had been standing in the eye of the hurricane!


Here is what the rest of the yard and place looked like, yes this looked like a storm had gone thru!

So God answers our prayers, he protects us, and I often see the humor in his provision!