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2011 Transfer Trip from Little Current, Ontario, Canada to St. Clair Shores, Michigan Pictues, stories, etc

Eye of the Needle - trip an adventure accross Lake Huron in challenging waves!
Tony said "I can't belive you slept thru all those waves!" ... what waves???. The ones that we went thru! They were so big that the boat would go
thru two waves, starting to gain momentum, then about every third wave, the boat would be picked up and carried back where we came from.
Two waves forward, one wave back! How could I sleep? I told Tony, "I know who my Creator is, and when it is my time I'll go!" To read the entire
story click here!

I recnetly received a small gift, here is a picture. The saying really says it all! Why I could sleep thru all those waves!

How Big is My God

DON'T TELL GOD how big your storm is...

TELL THE STORM how big your GOD is!


When I get my dream boat (see below) be certain that
I'll remember this while sailing the Big Waters!

Do you believe in God's protection? How to put a round tree in a square box!

Manitou, my home until I get home Manitou, my home until I get home. She looks big... until you get on Lk Huron!

The Best of the CSY 44 for sale My dream boat is for sale! A CSY 44, but this one is totally ready to sail the ocean!
Any wealthy individuals who would like to buy this boat and have me boat-sit for them, I am available starting immediately!

I would sail it around Florida at first, then the islands, then Barbados, then ???

Zyggi Lawrence (died Sept 4, 2011)- with his wife Diane sharring a night after sailing with friends

We received the boat Manitou from Zyggi after he finished the last time share of the year in the North Channel.
Our job was to bring the boat back from the North Channel to St. Clair Shores. In classic Zyggi style
either by choice or coincidence, Zyggi got the last laugh. We sailed around Canada, going in and out of ports for almost
a week, then we were asked by a Canadian "Is there a reason why you are flying the Canadian flag upside down?" Almost simultaneusly,
Tony and myself said "Zyggi!" None of us on board had even noticed, so I for one will remember and laugh at Zyggi's humor
and sometimes practical jokes. He will be missed!

Stories: Hang 10 on a Sail Boat

Sailing videos - any of the ADAM videos are some of the basic sailing instruction videos. Most of them have some humor so they also provide a good laugh.

There are about 25 short ADAM videos written, but due to time and resources, I have only finished the first 3. Someday these too may be completed, maybe someone wants to help

ADAM your Swabby Intern - "Don't be A DAM Sailing Idiot" learn the right way to sail

There is a capsize introduction video that is 24 minutes long and a capsize recovery video that is about 4 minutes.

You need Windows Media player to play them

Pictures Milford parade, Picnic, Interlakes, Classes, Spinnaker, Races

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